Crazy Lixx/Street Lethal

01. Enter The Dojo
02. Rise Above
03. Anthem For America
04. The Power
05. Reach Out
06. Final Fury
07. Street Lethal
08. Caught Between The Rock N’ Roll
09. In The Middle Of Nothing
10. One Fire – One Goal
11. Thief In The Night
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Reckless Love/Turborider [Japan Edition]

2.Eyes Of A Maniac
4.Kids Of The Arcade
5.Bark At The Moon
6.Prelude (Flight Of The Cobra)
7.Like A Cobra
8.For The Love Of Good Times
9.89 Sparkle
10.Future Lover Boy
11.Prodigal Sons
12.Love Reckless [Bonsu Track]
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01. The Awakening
02. Scaryman
03. Star
04. Get Up On The Stage
05. Fight
06. Get It On
07. Falling Away
08. Tick Tock
09. Trouble In Paradise
10. Everytime I Close My Eyes (Acoustic – Bonus Track)
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Masked Intruder/III Turbo

1.No Case
2.Mine All Mine
3.All of My Love
4.Just so You Know
5.I’m Free (at Last)
6.Please Come Back to Me
7.B & E
8.Maybe Even
9.Not Fair
10.Stay with Me Tonight
11.Dream a Little Dream
12.I’ll Be Back Again Someday
13.Bad Reputation
14.If You Would Hold My Hand
15.Marry Me
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Cruzh/Tropical Thunder

01. Tropical Thunder
02. We Go Together
03. Turn Back Time
04. Are You Ready?
05. Cady
06. New York Nights
07. All You Need
08. Line In The Sand
09. Moonshine Bayou
10. Paralyzed
11. N.R.J.C.
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